Biodata of the author

The Author’s Picture

NAME:- N.Pankaja

PENNAME:- Nuggehalli Pankaja

DATE OF BIRTH:- 2.6.1929

PLACE:- Bangalore

EDUCATION:- Up to high school;Self educated. Convent background.

STATUS:- Married-Housewife; Husband into textile; One daughter married ,in America. Writer in both Kannada and English.

Forte: English poems and humour

HOBBIES: Reading, writing; Interested in clairvoyance and subjects related to it

MENTOR:- H.K..Rama Iyengar –Belagola ( Appa)

 Details of literary works published



  1. Kaveriya arthrava.———————-1966/2016
  2. Barale innu Yamune?:——————-1968/1997
  3. Ushanishi——————————–1969/2013
  4. Malayamaruta———————— 1971/1983/ 2009
  5. Veena oh Veena!—————— -1973 / 2009
  6. Mugilaminchu ———–1974 / 2009 [Adaptation of East Lynne by Mrs.Henrywood]
  7. Gagana:—————————- 1974/1989/ 2010
  8. Namaskara Garudammanavare en samachara? ——–1976/2011 [A humorous novel]
  9. Balli-Moggu:- ———————–1977/2005
  10. Deepa:—————————–1979/2010
  11. Goodu bitta hakki——————1980
  12. Tele banda bhandana——————1981/1985/2010
  13. Sandya baruvale?——————-1983/2013
  14. Pratikarada suliyalli:——————1983/2011
  15. Tere sariyutu:——————– 1985/2011
  16. Alege sikkida yele —————- 1986 /2011
  17. Tuvvi tuvvi, uliyitu gubbacchi ——- 1989/2011 [Adaptation of Hall Cain’s novel The prodigal son]
  18. Konegondu kathe,mulegondu maatu —– 1993/ 2008 [A humorous novel]
  19. Eradu rembegalu —————–1994/2011
  20. Ondu vasanta rutuvinalli —–1995/2010
    • A mini novel inspired by a Japanese story. With  Megha; A mini novel based on a Scotland-yard story.
  21. Mohinigondu haadu – ————– 2001 [Translation of Bhavani Bhattacharya’s novel Music for Mohini]
  22. Anuragada seletha—————2007
  23. Balina uyyale——————-2008
  24. Two mini novels in one book form:-
    • Tangaliyalli nittusiru (2004)
    • Rekkegala badita ( 2004)


  1. Tarangaranga ————1972/2011 [Collection of skits]
  2. Kaveramma Americadalli——————–1972/2011 [Humorous characterization of Kaveramma]
  3. Maduve Gottadaga (Collection of skits )——————-1998
    • Renamed as Heaven Maduve —-2013 ( Second edition)
  4. Halasinamarada Chandramma ————–2010
    • A collection of seventy five popular humorous writings

Collection of Intellectual Articles

  1. Mareyada Nakshtragalu (“Stars that have gone”) ———————–2013


  1. Salome———————–1999
    • Translation of Oscar Wilde’s play Salome
  2. Aa ondu vishada ghalige ————1999
    • Adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s play Lady Windermere’s fan
  3. Aralikatte Ramachariya yeradaneya hendati ——1998
    • Adaptation of Arthur Wing Pinero’s Second Mrs.Tanquery 

Short story collections

  1. Ardha Chandra—————————–1998
  2. Ippattu varshagala hinde—————–1999
    • Republished  as Mai taali edditu. . . Tajamahalu———–2013 (Second edition)

Children’s stories (Collections)

  1. Kamala Nehru —— 1974
    • English translation from Kannada
  2. B.Venkatacharya—– 1976
    • Biography
  3. Padariya kudure ——————1980
    • Collection of short stories
  4. Rajakumariya swayamvara——–2011
    • Collection of stories


  1. Karnataka Sahitya Academy award in recognition to her contribution to Kannada Literature
  2. The prestigious Anupama Prashsti given yearly to recognized writers by Lekakiyara sangha (Lady writers association).
  3. Community Award
  4. Golden Jubilee Award of Independence
  5. Atimabbe Award
  6. Shrirasa Award
  7. Nuggehalli Award
  8. Chandrakala Prashasti
  9. Koravanji-Aparanji Award given in recognition of Humorous works,
  10. Suwarna Karnataka Shri Prashasti
  11. Recognition of novel ‘Balli-Moggu’ by Kannada Sahitya Parishat
  12. All India Radio Award forthe story of the drama ‘Namaskara Garudammanavare….En Samachara?’ broadcast through all stations.
  13. Excellence in World Poetry Award conferred by International Academy for English Poetry.


  1. Sepoy Ramu (Based on novel- Barale innu . . . . . . Yamune?
  2. Gagana- ( Based on novel Gagana).
  3. Two more novels signed for films by prestigious companies.

Other works

  1. English translation of Karnataka portion for the encyclopedia being brought out by the prestigious KU.VEMPU STUDY CENTRE’ in Manasgangotri — Mysore.
  2. Contributions of two translation-works of Comparative Literature , a Karnataka Sahitya Academy publication (Is in reference section of Bangalore University).
  3. Short story MOTHER TREE published by INDIAN EMBASSY WASHINGTON in their journal INDIA REVIEW of January 2013
  4. Some novels purchased and categorized in social studies section by Library of Congress, United States of America.
  5. Introduction of author in Reference Asia , Women of India, Women of Karnataka,Who is Who of Central Sahitya Academy and others.
  6. Invited to Kota (birthplace of Shivarama Karanth ) to read a paper on his ninety-fifth birthday. The paper has been included in the thesis for doctorate in the study center of his place.
  7. Has reviewed many books for a leading Kannada daily (under a pseudonym ), and for Deccan Herald etc.
  8. Interviewed prestigious persons in all walks of life for popular magazines, and papers.
  9. Column writing, serials, translations of English works into Kannada, and from Kannada into English.
  10. Have been invited by many workshops to participate as guide for aspiring writers in various fields of literature.
  11. Have been judge for prestigious competitions, and have been honored by many prestigious organisations.
  12. Writings of different kinds included in prestigious anthologies.
  13. More than five hundred works have been published in leading papers and magazines.


  1. Harijans of Karnataka:—–A special article published in the Illustrated Weekly of India (1977).
  2. Many English poems published in the INDIA section of POET, an honored International monthly and in some prestigious anthologies
    • A poem on Tagore published by Amrita Sen-Reader in Shantiniketan University, in the special issue of Rabindranath Tagore-, brought out in Online Literary magazine Muse, in a special issue brought out on Gurudev.
  3. Articles, short stories, poems, interviews etc published in Deccan Herald, Times, Femina Caravan, Woman’s EraMirror, Four seasons, Mysindia, Commonwealth quarterly, Aniketana; English quarterly of Karnataka Sahitya Academy.
  4. A good number of radio plays,radio talks, and adaptation of famous English plays ( H.A. Jones, Strindburg, OscarWilde, Pinero etc) broadcast through All India Radio as special plays , and also writing and compering special programmes such as Simon De Bova, Emmeline Pankhurst, Feminists of America, Marie Antonitte etc.
  5. Recently translated Karnataka part for the encyclopedia being translated into English by Kuvempu Study Centre in Managangotri-Mysore.

Current assignments

  1. Reading lives an online literary organization known as Online Southeast region  has chosen a story published in Sunday Herald to be Included as one of the powerful stories, in its list of stories by eminent authors.The title of the story taken up is Educating the maid servantSunday Herald and online Muse.

Special mention of the places gone as delegate

  1. As one of the special delegate to the Grand Kannada Sammelana held at Dharmasthala some years back
  2. To the Literary conference held at Manas Gangotri University., many years back
  3. Recipient of monthly Honaranium by Karnataka Government.
  4. Name included in the Advisory Board of a leading intellectual magazine.




Nuggehalli Pankaja

First floor, 19/1, Shri Lalita Apartments, 4th Main road, Malleshwaram,


Phone no—41535377