Pati’s Face (Recollections of a Grandson)

It looks like yestermorn

That I sat by the kitchendoor

Avidly devouring  the stories

Of Rama,Bhima,Krishna,Arjuna

Reeled out while she went about

My dishes favourite-


Jamun and sajjige,aye more

Made so tasty-moulded so,

With  fount of love ageless.

But  today. . . . . . . . . . .

She is a ‘FACE’

On my computer.

And as  I look at it,

Tears flow down,while years roll back,

Revealing one more time

The naughty boy by the kitchen-door

Disconnecting  the phone

To hear undisturbed the stories over and over,

While savouring what all prepared

With great care




About maskedmuffin

Hovering in the jungles between the abyss known as pessimism and mount optomistica
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